New drop in for ELF. 

Made with Boston Swing 5300mah 13amp cells. 

14s5p giving you 52v26.5ah. 60amp cont. Bluetooth bms. 

Stock elf connectors included. 

Discharge black sbs50 connector 

Charge Anderson 45amp (red and black) 

This uses same port bms meaning you can charge or discharge with both connectors like stock elf. 

Polycarbonate side panels and high impact polystyrene casing with marine rubber shrink finish. 


Why 14s 52v

52v is superior for 48v systems in many ways. 

14s x 3.6v gives you 50.4v nominal voltage. (Perfect for 48v systems) 

You can adjust the parameters via Bluetooth bms to stop charging at 80 or 90%.  Charging lithium to 80% increases cycle life to near 2000 cycles compared to 500 cycles charging to 100%. 

Current Stock:
8.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
2.75 (in)
*Disclaimer Lite Speed Bikes LLC is not responsible for any accidents, fire outbreak, explosions or any kind of injury and damage to your bikes due to the use of our batteries and products. Please take all necessary precaution with the use of our products. 1 year warranty on battery non physical damage only.
52v 5amp waterproof charger
52v 4amp Charger
52v travel charger
Triangle bag
Moosetrek triangle bag
Waterproof USB charge port (30-100v input)
RAD plug to XT90 Male

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